It was in July of 1988 when we joined Dr. Asad and his wife Hiba, his sister Rasha and her husband Dr.Basel, and Umm Aziz (Dr. Asad & Rasha’s mom) in Seefeld. After seeing them in Vienna, few days earlier, we all headed to Simmering, Austria and, after a night stay there, we three (two of us and our son) split and continued to Italy, as we had planned, but agreed to join Dr. Asad and his party, in Seefeld, on our way back.

When we returned from Italy, arriving in Seefeld around noon, we didn’t have any address to go to as we did not know where Dr. Asad and his party had settled. I don’t remember if I had a mobile telephone or not. I just took a chance to drive around in the residential area to see I could spot Dr. Asad’s car somewhere parked. To our greatest surprise, my gamble worked, spotted his car and rang the bell at Haus Normandie, only to surprise the entire party of our arrival. None of them could believe how we reached them.


It was a cozy house (bed & breakfast plan) where Dr. Asad had reserved for us too, eight of us all together. Apart from the cozy house, with lots of flowers at the front and on the back, there was a beautiful view of the mountains, with public access by cable-car.


Whenever we went up the mountain, to see the views from there, I noticed that one goat will be there resting or tailing other visitors. Let me make it clear, I have no knowledge of goat behavior. It was a very gentle goat, no aggression whatsoever, but always tailing or hugging visitors as if it was her peak. I thought it may have been spoiled by the visitors, giving her chew gum (joking), food or drink etc. Or she must be fully aware that the peak belongs to her and we have no business there. No matter how much you push her away or pull her by the horn, she will be back within seconds. One thing I noticed, she wanted to be in each and every picture anyone wanted to take, especially in front of the person or persons. Fine, may be she believes in her beauty and wanted to be photographed so that visitors remember her, remembering that is what I am doing now. So I finally came to a point where I accepted her wish and included her in my pictures but have not yet sent copies to her. It is too late now anyway to deliver that goat’s pictures.

If you enjoyed this episode/story, here is a treat for you, pictures of Seefeld 25 years back in time, enjoy.